2013 Ride

Day 2: Rocket Triking Down the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath

Nat on Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath


Day 2: Rode the first 6 miles out of Cuyahoga Falls this morning with John Clark’s dad, Nat (pictured here with his bike just outside of Akron). Was very grateful for the company and for the lead back to the Ohio & Eric Canal Towpath.


I took this short video to give you a sense of the sublime fall beauty I pedaled through on the towpath today: Rocket Triking Down the Erie & Ohio Towpath. I hope you enjoy it.

Rocket Trike at Canal Fulton Lock No


A little further down the trail in Canal Fulton, I came upon Ohio & Erie Canal Lock No. 4 (pictured here), originally built in 1827 of stone 16 feet wide and 90 feet long. The lock was in active use from 1827 to 1913. Some claim the grounds are haunted.


My motel room in East Canton


Rode a total of 47 miles today before calling it a day in East Canton. The budget motel where I’m staying has a most unique design: garages (pictured here) that you walk through to get to your room. The garages come complete with doors that pull down, for parking and securing your vehicle.

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