2013 Ride

Day 3: Pulled Over by State Highway Patrol

Day 3: After another late night blogging, downloading videos and photos and doing social media, spent the morning working on a press release, hoping the torrential downpour would stop by check-out time. It did and the first part of the day I pedaled through a light drizzle, which kept me nice and cool as I made my way across eastern Ohio. I rather enjoy riding in the rain.

Fueling up at Amish Deli in Minerva, OHGot some helpful advice from a local cyclist at a gas station at a critical junction that put me on the route with the safest shoulder for bikes. I find that there’s always help out there if I seek it. A ways down the road, fueled up with a sandwich at this awesome Amish Deli in Minerva.

Then the hills began. Here’s a video I took demonstrating a technique I use: How to Get a Fully Loaded Rocket Trike Up Tough Hills. This time it worked. If the hill is too long and steep, I just have to slog up it, but even that isn’t so bad. All that training this summer on the mountain bike paid off.

State Hwy Patrol Car Pulling AwayThe big excitement for the day was getting pulled over by a State Highway patrol car (pictured here pulling away) on Highway 30 about 7 mile outside of East Liverpool, Ohio. You know how your body reacts nervously when you’re driving in a car and you see those flashing lights behind you pulling you over? Well, it doesn’t happen in a rocket trike, because number one, you know you probably weren’t speeding and number two, you know you’re bound to have an interesting conversation with that officer, no matter what. He told me no bikes or pedestrians were allowed on the shoulder (I saw no signs displayed to that effect) and just asked me to get off at the next exit, which was fine, as it took me right into town. He also gave me some good tips on the best route into Pittsburgh, which was much appreciated.

Holly as Dresden's Drive-Thru


Carried the petition 51 miles closer to the White House today. Of course, there’s nothing like a cold beer after a day of hard riding. Holly (pictured here) handed me a cold one as I rolled through Dresden’s Drive-Thru in East Liverpool.


My new friend Patti from East Liverpool, OH



This is my new friend Patti from East Liverpool.

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