2010 Ride

“OFFICE DAY” (Sunday, October 10, 2010)

Pedaled with Democratic State Senator Marci Francisco down to the 41st annual Octoginta to see off 650 cyclists for their 80-mile ride today. Tempted to join, as it was a gorgeous fall day for a ride, but decided to conserve my energy for the many miles yet to come.

While standing there, two kind souls walked up to me this morning, donating $10 each to help me along my way – thanks, guys! Later, had breakfast downtown with Marci and her husband Joe, then back to the guest loft in their home to edit more videos. I can’t express enough how much I appreciate their incredibly generous hospitality. There’s nothing like having a quiet, comfortable place to get some work done during breaks from riding. Was hoping to take part in one of 350.org’s 10/10/10 events today, but couldn’t find any local work parties in which to participate, so kept my nose to the grindstone editing more videos. Did take time, however, to share dinner, and stimulating conversation, with Marci and Joe.

Am increasingly concerned about my website not being up, so I’ve decided not to leave Lawrence until I at least get all my blogs and videos uploaded. Will help me focus on the riding, not having that hanging over my head. So may be here for a couple more days. Will have some serious pedaling in store for me then, however, as time (and the weather) is not on my side if I hope to make DC before the snow flies.

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