2010 Ride

“THE CAPITOL DOME” (Wednesday, October 6, 2010)

Kicked off the day with an interview with local ABC affiliate KTKA TV near campus:


Then swung by Big Poppi Bicycle Co. to pick up some supplies (thanks for the free chain lube!). Then pedaled over to campus for an interview with the Kansas State Collegian:


After that, packed up my gear and was escorted out of town by Zack Pistora on his bike. I want to give a shout out to Zack, Kevin, Eric, Dave, Alex, Shane, Kristen and Bryce for making me feel so welcome during my brief stay in Manhattan. Hope to see you guys in Boulder during Thanksgiving for the CU-KSU game.

On the road to Topeka, dropped into the offices of The Wamego Times and St. Marys Star for more interviews and photos of the trike.


Also saw one the largest coal plants in the country (over 2000 MW) in the distance riding through the Kansas countryside.  The sight of those three giant smokestacks spewing toxic pollutants into the air was a sobering reminder of how big a job we have ahead of us.

Finally rolled into Topeka (for a total of 60 miles on the day), but after being severely rattled for several miles through a section of Hwy. 24 being repaved, I learned that the campground I was looking for was nowhere near my current location, with the sun already setting on the horizon, so instead of risking another flat tire, I decided to grab my first hotel room of the trip.

After a quick shower, I was picked up by Republican State Representative Vern Swanson (a friend of State Rep. Elaine Bowers), who along with his wife, Susie, treated me to dinner downtown. After an enjoyable conversation over dinner, I was graciously offered a tour of the Capitol Building, which ended up becoming a very special tour, indeed, when the night guard, whose love of the historic building was contagious, proceeded to show us all the amazing things about the rotunda that most people never get to see. I learned a lot about Kansas’ fascinating populist history. Then it was back to the motel, for some badly needed Zs.

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