2010 Ride


Worked on the blog in the morning, while Joe secured the trike to a trailer so we could transport it across town for a presentation at my niece’s school. That afternoon, presented to 100 or so 5th grade students at Mason Intermediate School. It was impressive enough that almost all of these young people knew about solar and wind energy. What impressed me more was the sophistication of their questions. They didn’t just want to know how the trike worked for me, but how it could work for them. I was talking to the designers of our future. Our job is to ensure they have a future worth designing in.

Afterwards, headed over to my brother Dan’s house for a visit with my nephew and niece, Bryan and Amanda, then stocked up on some “trail” food at Whole Foods (thanks to both Megans for their support). Later enjoyed a nice dinner with my family. Then Bryan, a computer whiz, helped me with a map application for my website.

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