2010 Ride

“FINAL NIGHT ON THE TRAIL” (Saturday, December 4, 2010)

Lows in the mid 20s last night made for a cold morning packing up. These sled dogs passing me as I left the campsite were a poignant reminder that it’s time to dock this rocket.

A mile or two down the trail, came upon the ugly sight of the Dickerson coal-fired power plant belching out emissions. This 853 MW coal plant has been the target of legal challenges by the Chesapeake Climate Action Network and other planetary protection groups.

Thanks to Kelly & Tom at the “Great Falls Tavern” Visitor Center for helping finding me an affordable hotel room in town tomorrow to make final preparations for my arrival into DC. Including the 4 mile round trip from my campsite at Swain’s Lock to the visitor center to refill my water bladders, pedaled 30 miles today. Here’s a shot of the swollen Potomac River.

Trail conditions made for some tough sledding today, but speed is no longer an issue. Only 17 more miles to DC.

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