2010 Ride

“NEWS VAN VISITS 4 LOCKS ROAD” (Wednesday, December 1, 2010)

Woke up this morning to a driving rain, which later turned to sleet. Was grateful to be warm and dry in Lockhouse 49 updating my blog and website. Will be interesting to see how muddy the trail is tomorrow. Called local NBC affiliate WGAH late morning, which was interested in doing a story on the ride. Just a few blocks from the lockhouse, the news van encountered a tunnel it couldn’t clear with the satellite dish on top, then got stuck in the mud backing up to turn around. So I triked down 4 Locks Road to do the interview there.


Skies started clearing in the late afternoon, so it’s back on the trail tomorrow. I’ll sure miss this place. Will also miss all the home cooking I’ve been enjoying (Bob & Sue brought up dinner again tonight – thanks, guys!). Tomorrow it’s back to freeze dried dinners and sleeping in a cold tent. Tonight I’m enjoying Bob’s homemade blueberry wine.

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One Response to “NEWS VAN VISITS 4 LOCKS ROAD” (Wednesday, December 1, 2010)

  1. Tom,
    We are looking forward to your arrival here in DC. Warm and dry in DuPont Circle or here.
    Can you get a clip of the TV interview in Blockhouse 49 on your web page, so we can see how your video coverage is doing?
    I am talking to my business partner, Jo Reyes, who co-owns our electric bike shop in Takoma Park, MD, the Boulder, CO Madison, WI, Berkeley, CA of the Washington DC area. Maybe we could host you at our shop [www.thegreencommuter.net] . Along with the local Washington Area Bicycle Association, http://www.waba.org.
    More news on where you are and how you are doing.

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