2011 Ride

Aspen & Carbondale Join the Battle

Day 22 – Day 24: A spontaneous invitation by Dave Ventimiglia of SolTribe Adventures, whom I met at the home of Floyd and Natalie Hand in Pine Ridge, spurred a decision to park the trike in Rosebud for three days to see what allies might be found in Aspen, CO. Ron drove on to Lincoln, NE to start planning our next big solidarity ride there scheduled for Nov. 12.

Thursday: After picking me and Alex White Plume up in the morning, Dave ferried the three of us from Pine Ridge to Carbondale, near Aspen, CO, rolling in well after dark. Lots of quality conversation. News sources now say a decision on Keystone XL may slip past the end of the year: http://tinyurl.com/bncb7p7.

Friday: Sat in on a couple of very dynamic school presentations by Alex; met up with Chip Comins to talk Keystone XL strategy; and did a joint interview with Alex on Aspen radio opposing Keystone XL before heading to Carbondale’s town square for an evening fire circle with drumming and sharing of Lakota tradition by Alex. Good turnout and a very special night (thanks for dinner, Kip). For evidence that TransCanada’s CEO is starting to sweat, check out this article: http://tinyurl.com/7nnrf4t.

Saturday: Helped Dave disassemble the teepee before meeting Casey & Tara Sheahan over coffee to discuss Keystone XL strategy. Got in a quick soak (thanks, Chip) at Glenwood Hot Springs, which my body deeply appreciated. Then headed to Tara & Casey’s kiva for a community showing of “Standing Silent Nation” (a short film documenting the White Plume family’s courageous struggle with the DEA to grow industrialized hemp), followed by a talk by Alex and I on the Keystone XL fight. The powerful energy of the kiva, and our hosts, made for a night I will never forget. Am deeply grateful for Patagonia’s generous support of the “Tour of Resistance.” Check out this great video by Julia Louis-Dreyfus of “Seinfeld” fame opposing Keystone XL: http://tinyurl.com/3oygll9.

A special thanks to Dave for inviting me out and to Lori and the rest of the Ventimiglia family for hosting Alex and I in their home during our stay. So glad I made the trip out. Aspen and Carbondale will prove powerful allies in this fight for our collective future.

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