2011 Ride

Media Day

Day 48: . There’s something about getting an early start on the day that makes riding so much easier. The 75 miles to Ponca City, OK today felt almost effortless. Called all the Wichita, KS media outlets early before setting out, with a few friendly bites. Down the road, stopped in for interviews with the Winfield Daily Courier, Arkansas City Traveler, KOSK radio, and KAKE TV before crossing the Oklahoma border around mid afternoon. Four states down and two to go. Lots of engaging conversations along the way, with more feathered friend sightings. Did an interview with the Newkirk Herald Journal en route to Ponca City, where I decided to call it a night. Ron drove ahead today to drop off the support vehicle in Oklahoma and is riding back up to meet me somewhere on the road tomorrow. He industriously rigged up his road bike with a trailer so he can ride with me the rest of the way to the Texas Gulf Coast. Really looking forward to his company. The Ride for Renewables is about to double in size.

Speaking of media, this weekend my hometown newspaper, the Daily Camera, ran an op-ed (http://tinyurl.com/c8xdrd7) I wrote about the incredibly unhelpful and premature declarations of Keystone XL’s demise from environmental groups. Their wishful claims don’t jive with reality here on the ground, or with TransCanada’s own predictions. The worse part is how easily they let President Obama off the hook. Since when did we start giving presidents a pass on making tough decisions until after Election Day? The President owes the American people an up or down decision on Keystone XL.

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