2011 Ride


Day 43: Today was the toughest hill day of the trip thus far. Making matters worse was a 30-40 mph headwind, requiring me to pedal in first gear most of the day, which made for slow going. Word for the day: “pain.”

60 miles later, rolled into Manhattan just in time for a scrumptious Thanksgiving feast at the home of Keith and Ruth Douglas Miller. I so appreciate them making me feel like family. Very happy to be back in my old stomping grounds from last years ride.

In the spirit of this day, I want to thank my friend, Stands Among the Colors of the Sun Woman (Debra White Plume), for her heroic efforts to protect Mother Earth. Watch her talk about Keystone XL and the unconscionable act of tar sands mining in this special interview: http://tinyurl.com/75qjg6h.

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  1. It was great seeing you again, Tom, and being able to help in a small way. I still want to try out the yellow trike myself sometime! Be safe. Thanks so much for the encouragement to keep trying!

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