2011 Ride

Sicangu Lakota Nation

Day 20: Spent the morning at the motel in Martin finally getting caught up on social media posts. Then rolled over to the Bennett County Booster for a quick interview and shot of the trike before heading out of town. By now, was running way behind schedule, with 50 miles to go, so no time for breakfast or lunch (that’s what granola bars and energy gels are for). The appearance of a hawk boosted my energy. Pedaled hard through a cold, drizzling rain towards Rosebud, with snow just miles behind. Was heartened to have a tribal elder trail me in a car as I neared the border of the tribal sanctuary. There was warmly greeted by Chief John Spotted Tail, who led me the rest of the way into Rosebud. Gave it everything I had the final 20+ miles to get there as quickly as possible. There we were again warmly greeted at the Tribal Council office by Willie Kindle, Vice President of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, who thanked us for what we were doing. John led us on a tour of the Tribal Council building, where I was totally mesmerized by the stunning photos of tribal chiefs and warriors on the walls. I am in awe of the proud and noble history that lives on in the hearts and spirits of the Native people I have been so deeply honored to meet.

Exhausted and hungry, Ron drove us to the casino hotel, where guest rooms were waiting for us. Checking my email, saw this article from Debra White Plume entitled, “Obama takes ownership of pipeline decision:” http://tinyurl.com/6azrec8. Can feel the momentum starting to shift, but we need the rest of the nation to rally to America’s defense against this foreign pipeline invasion. Looking forward to some rest before the Prayer Circle and Solidarity Ride/Walk tomorrow morning… can’t wait.

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