2011 Ride

Houston, We Have A Problem

Day 67: Shuttled the rocket trike from Port Arthur to Houston this morning (thanks, Ricky Melancon, for trusting me with your new rig!) to visit the Johnson Space Center. There’s nothing like seeing real rockets up close to inspire the imagination. Rolled the trike into Rocket Park for some photos with Saturn V and other real rockets. Then took the Space Center tour. The most exciting part was sitting in the visitors gallery of NASA’s Mission Control Center, where the people responsible for sending up and bringing our astronauts safely home do their work. It’s a serious place with a serious mission, where failure is not considered an option. We clearly need a CLIMATE Mission Control Center to help bring America, and the planet, back from the brink of global meltdown. But this requires bold and inspired presidential and congressional leadership, neither of which is anywhere to be found in 2011. Time for Occupy Congress and Occupy White House?

Later dropped in on an Occupy Houston direct action training put on by my friend, Scott Parkin, before heading over to the Occupy Houston General Assembly in Tranquility Park, where we were not only both generously invited to speak, but very warmly received. Ron inspired everyone with his talk about how the Keystone XL fight and the Occupy movement are inseparable. From there, it was on to the home of Madeleine & Jim Crozat-Williams, who very kindly offered to put us up for the night.

Here’s one more Texas newspaper article on the ride. The reporter got a few significant facts wrong, but also got a lot right: http://tinyurl.com/78lmcld.

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2 Responses to Houston, We Have A Problem

  1. Ari Daniels says:

    Tom, you’re a champion! Thank you for doing this, and all you do. Funny as this sounds, I miss our time in the clink.

    Where to next, my friend?

  2. Michael Beck says:

    Thanks for your exciting visit to Houston! It’s critical that people become more aware of the dangers of the Keystone XL pipeline so we can all join forces to defeat it!

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