2011 Ride

Keystone XL is “Un-American”

Day 57: Pipeline fighter extraordinaire David Daniel lined up a full slate of landowners and anti-pipeline activists for us to meet with in Winnsboro today. I can’t begin to express the power of the conversations we had here, but hopefully captured their essence on camera. It was an emotional roller coaster to hear the heartfelt stories of my fellow Americans who are fighting so hard just to protect what they love. I get emotional just thinking about what 92-year old Furman Boles shared with me. From his gentle statement, “I love everything that has life in it,” to his poignant characterization of TransCanada’s toxic tar sands pipeline as “un-American.” Look for the powerful interviews from Furman, Susan Scott, Patti Radillo and Eddie Radillo to be posted on the RenewableRider YouTube channel soon.

A special thanks to Jim and Marilyn at Art & Expresso for taking such good care of us and for letting us commandeer their shop for the day. Thanks, too, to David for lining up interviews with The Winnsboro News and Front Porch News (can’t wait to see our group shots with the rocket trike). Ended the day with a great catch up call with my dear friend and fellow earth warrior, Brock Evans, before David and Clara treated Ron and I to a wonderful dinner. Definitely feeling the love in Texas.

One of the highlights of the day was being treated to a private performance of Eddie Radillo’s “Tar Sands Song.” All Texans, and Americans, need to hear it:  http://tinyurl.com/6w68geu. Pass it along!!

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