2011 Ride

Planning the Final Push

Day 65: Spent the day in Beaumont closely monitoring the political brinkmanship over Keystone XL being played out on Capitol Hill, while laying plans for the final week of the ride. Plans include an action (“TransCanada’s Twelve Disgraces of Christmas”) at TransCanada’s Houston headquarters on Monday; riding the final leg to the Gulf Coast on Tuesday; and a press conference marking the end of the ride in Port Arthur on Wednesday. Spoke on the phone today with yet another senior citizen landowner from the Houston area distraught at how she has been treated by TransCanada. Told her she’s not alone, and that the fight against TransCanada has only just begun.

Leila Melancon and Donna Troxell Oberle rode their bikes over to Bruce & Kathryn’s in the morning for a promised spin in the trike (Leila was having so much fun I thought I might never get it back). In the small world category, Donna and I know some of the same people in Boulder (her sister’s best friend, Jim Morris, is also a friend of mine).

Here’s some more Lone Star state press coverage of the ride, this time from the Beaumont ABC and NBC news affiliates: http://tinyurl.com/7vgyglc.

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