2011 Ride

Riding Out the Storm

Day 52: Woke up this morning to a driving rain which lasted most of the day. First rainout of the ride. Happy with decision to hunker down rather than chance it with cars and trucks in low visibility conditions. Will need a 100-mile ride day tomorrow to beat the coming snowstorm, so will be hitting the road at first light.

One of Big Oil’s worst nightmares – that Alberta’s tar sands will become landlocked – just came one step closer to reality. In a very promising development, Reuters reports that 60 aboriginal groups in Canada have formed a united front to ban all exports of tar sands crude oil through their territories, which cover the entire coastline of British Columbia: http://tinyurl.com/7zcxmky. Americans need to know that fighting Keystone XL here will not be not enough. We must also support our brothers and sisters north of the border. Only by coming together as one human family can we end this inhumane practice.


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