2013 Ride

Day 4: Pulled Over, AGAIN

Day 4: This is my second ride through this part of the country and there just is not a good bike route from eastern Ohio to Pittsburgh. So I’ve been winging it, getting advice from locals where I can and staying close to the Ohio River to avoid the worst of the hills. Highway 68 (which morphs into Highway 65) has a nice shoulder on some sections and none at all on others (that’s where you’ll see me pedaling the fastest), so I wasn’t terribly surprised when I got pulled over (again).

The first officer on the scene told me bikes were prohibited and that I had to get off the road. But he had no response when I asked him how else I was going to get to Pittsburgh, other than to suggest that someone come pick me up. Not happening. Fortunately, a more senior officer rolled up and took over. He asked why I was riding and I told him. He then looked at the trike and said something to the effect that it was not a normal bike (which suggested to me that normal rules might not apply). He then gave me his blessing to continue on my way, which I happily did.

Getting Pulled Over AGAIN

A little while later, I got pulled over AGAIN (see squad car behind the trike). This time, the officer seemed more curious about the trike than anything else. He told me bikes were fine on the state highway, but to be careful. He then kindly trailed me over a particularly sketchy stretch, which was much appreciated.

Then the rain started, which cut down visibility and made things genuinely unsafe. Lucky for me, an inactive construction zone gave me a lane of the road to myself, which I rolled through right up to the door of the only motel between here and Pittsburgh, a motel that probably four different people has adamantly warned me NOT to stay at. I would honestly rank it as probably the worst I’ve ever stayed in, but sometimes you have to take what you can get. I’m just happy to have a roof over my head right now. Here’s a video I did of the short ride: Riding in the Rain to a Questionable Destination.

Flea Bag Motel



Here’s a shot of the room. Looks like someone got really mad and put their fists through the door.


Brought the petition 39 miles closer to the White House today. Really looking forward to Power Shift this weekend and to being among members of my tribe.

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