“GRUELING RIDE DAY” (Thursday, November 18, 2010)

Woke up this morning to ice on my windshield for the second time this trip.

It soon melted and the predicted rain never materialized. Cloudy all day, but highs in the low 40s actually made for comfortable riding. First day I could see my breath, though. Winter is finally nipping at my heels.

Rolled from the campground down to Denny’s for a hot breakfast and was greeted with lots of smiles. Want to thank Autumn, the manager of store #7841, for picking up my breakfast, and Linda and Lowana for their gracious kindness. After breakfast, did a morning interview with WHIZ radio from Zanesville and swung by The Daily Jeffersonian on my way out of town.

The Appalachians made for some grueling pedaling today. Need to get used to it, as more is on the way. The electric-assist motor provides just enough juice to help me up the toughest hills, if I pedal hard with it. So glad I lugged that extra 25 pounds all this way. Was encouraged by one hawk, then another, appearing during especially tough stretches of the ride. Later came upon this humorous scene, which made me laugh and the pedaling a little easier. Don’t think they’re going to sell much firewood with such a ferocious-looking lion guarding their pile.

Towards the end of the day, was met on the side of the road by a reporter from the Harrison News-Herald, who did an interview.

After 50 miles, made the town of Cadiz a little before dark, with my legs begging for relief. Rolled into a campground that felt more like a ghost town, set up my tent and hit the hay.

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