“A DAY AT THE OFFICE” (Monday, September 27, 2010)

Spent all day at the Hitch’n Post Campground editing videos from the ride, with “Dizzy” Dean Burns stopping by from time to time in his cart to lighten things up.

Diz recruited his buddy Bill to give me a lift into town this afternoon to resupply on food, so I’m set for the next few days as I start rolling through Kansas. Got a reaffirmation tonight that its time to keep flying. Looking forward to packing away the laptop and getting back on the road tomorrow morning. Am starting to get inquiries about where I am, so I’m really hoping the site goes live soon. Sounds like we’re getting closer.

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“CAMPING AT THE HITCH’N POST” (Sunday, September 26, 2010)

Sipping some Coco Mate tea from ride sponsor Café Mate at my campsite at the Hitchin’ Post Campground in Wray, CO this morning. Another beautiful fall day, but glad to be out of the blazing sun for a change. Going to spend a down day here to resupply and catch up with blogging and video editing (they’re starting to pile up). Perfect set-up here for doing a little work. My site has a picnic table with a roof for shade, internet access, electricity, drinking water and hot showers.

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“FIRST WIND TURBINE” (Saturday, September 25, 2010)

Started the day with Cheryl and her husband Jerry treating me to breakfast in downtown Otis (I’m constantly amazed at how incredibly generous Americans are). After breakfast, Jerry rode with me for the first mile out of town on his bike, then after a quick goodbye, I’m solo again east on Hwy. 34 headed to Yuma. Had a strong crosswind most of the day, which showed my progress. Rode down Main Street of the small town of Eckley, but no newspaper to be found. Did try to race a guy on his lawnmower, though.

Rolled into Wray, CO late afternoon and saw the first wind turbine of the trip (built for the Wray School District), which I had heard about years ago and was very eager to see. Had to pedal up some seriously steep hills and gravel roads outside of town to get to the tower base, but finally made it. Then took these two videos:

Pedaling away, had some final thoughts on how more schools across America might get their own wind turbines installed.

As luck would have it, the campground I was looking for was practically next door, so I set up camp there, heated up a freeze dried dinner, checked some emails and called it a night. Pedaled a total of 54 miles today.

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“ON THE ROAD AGAIN” (Thursday, September 23, 2010)

Finally got some miles (97) under my belt, including a few side trips. Started the day by swinging by Ted’s shop for a spare specialized bolt to take with me (just in case), then pedaled the 6 miles back to where I originally broke down. No one ever said this – or greening our electricity grid in ten years – was going to be easy.

But I am picking up a genuine desire in this country for a green energy “moon shot” for America. Almost everyone I’ve talked to thus far about the “100% by 2020” goal enthusiastically supports it and wants to see it happen, but have lost their faith in Washington, DC to deliver for the American people. Listen to Jerry Martinez from Fort Morgan, CO.

Today consisted mostly of rolling hills (don’t believe anyone who tells you it’s all downhill to the Mississippi River), but had the wind to my back all day, so still haven’t engaged the electric-assist motor. Rolled into Fort Morgan around dinnertime, after having to circumvent a coal train blocking my way.

Popped into The Fort Morgan Times, whose photographer took a shot of the trike [and was kind enough to tell me about free (how cool) public camping in the town park]. Carb-loaded up at a local Italian restaurant down the street, then pedaled a few blocks down to the town park. Being a weeknight, I have the whole place almost to myself.  Good day today.

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