fort frederick

“RIDING OUT THE RAIN IN LOCKHOUSE 49” (Tuesday, November 30, 2010)

Rained all day today, but was cozily holed up in Lockhouse 49, catching up on emails and drafting the DC arrival press release. When the rain slowed, did a little exploring of some of the historic buildings and structures at Four Locks.

Bob came out and picked me up again around dinnertime, swinging me by Fort Frederick to see this historic site from the French and Indian War, where Union troops were also stationed to guard the C&O Canal during the Civil War. Have always been fascinated by forts.

Were later joined at dinner by their friends, Kenny and Barbara, two other Lockhouse 49 Quartermasters. Really appreciated the great food and company tonight. Flash flood watches and warnings are in effect for tonight and tomorrow, so expect I’ll be spending another day at Four Locks, which, in its heyday was a thriving little community big enough to support a post office, two warehouses, two stores and a one-room schoolhouse. Today, it’s just little ‘ol me.

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