sunflower bike shop

“ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE” (Monday, October 11, 2010)

There aren’t many better places to be on a rainy fall day than downtown Lawrence, KS. I really like this town. Some call it the Boulder of the Midwest. Want to give a shout out to the Sunflower Bike Shop for looking out for my knees with the gratis bike fitting this morning. Thanks, Derek! Also had the opportunity to meet the shop’s resident stray cat, Stanley (go to the “staff” link at and click on “Stanley”), a friendly little guy who I learned is always trying to sneak out of the store. He even has his own Facebook page.

Not much else to repot on today, other than spending the last ten 10 hours at a local coffee shop editing and posting videos from the ride, and I’m still not done. They’re vacuuming the floor now, so will have to continue this project back at Marci and Joe’s house. Looks like I’m in for another late night. Starting to look forward to getting back on the road.

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