the merc

“AND ANOTHER…” (Tuesday, October 12, 2010)

Spent the morning editing more videos and catching up on emails. Then rode with Democratic State Senator Marci Francisco on our bikes to The Merc for lunch. Lots of smiles from students on the way checking out the trike. The Merc is a local health food/restaurant (even nicer than Whole Foods) that Marci was eager to show off. If I lived here, I’d be hooked.

Had a call this afternoon with my “communications team” and am finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Andy has finished the promotional video and Mike is mere days away from having the website ready to launch. So things are looking up. I just need to keep loading the blogs, videos and photos in preparation. Here’s one final shout out to Marci and Joe for putting up with their unexpected houseguest for so long – I’ll be out of here soon!

Took a break from work tonight to ride up to campus to speak with the University of Kansas student environmental group, Environs. Great group and very warm reception to the “100% by 2020” goal. It’s encouraging to see the younger generation as impatient for change as I am.

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