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“WE HAVE LIFT-OFF!” (Sunday, September 12, 2010)

The “Ride for Renewables” was officially launched today with a small group of friends at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) wind technology center near Boulder, CO.


From there, I rode a whopping 5 miles into town, where I’ll spend the next week interviewing local climate and renewable energy experts and shaking down the “rocket trike.”

On my way into town, rolled into a parking lot to turn on the lights, when a guy walks up to ask me about the trike. Turns out the guy was Seth Masia (deputy editor of Solar Today), someone I had been hoping to meet, so I interviewed him on the spot.

From there, pedaled in the dark to my friends’ house, where I was up until 5:00am finalizing the national press release distribution, then grabbed a few hours sleep. See below for a sampling of blogs the release generated:






This was pretty cool, showing up in Times Square:

Had hoped to have the official RideForRenewables.com website go live tonight, but my web designer (who’s generously designing the site for me pro bono) ran into technical difficulties loading the site, so we’re using my ClimateCrisisSolutions.com website for now.

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